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Teachers as Mothers

The combination of two holidays colliding has made me look inward. This week it is Teacher's Appreciation Week-a time where I as administrator take the extra step to make sure that all of our teacher's assistants and lead teachers feel appreciated and loved. It also happens to share the same week as Mother's Day. It got me thinking about the role of teachers as "second" mothers to our children. It is a simple fact that our children spend more time out of the home while they are attending school and daycare then at the home with their families.

With the ever increasing rapidity of our society and demands that take us away from the home, I hope all parents realize the importance of your child's teacher in his or her life. It is she or he that is wiping tears, comforting, and making sure lunches are being finished in your absence. Don't forget to appreciate all the teachers in your son or daughter's lives because they really are Mothers too!


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