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Policy in Regards to MyWisconsin Childcare EBT Payments

Hearts and Minds has drafted the following in regards to the change to the My Wisconsin Childcare EBT Payments:

1.    All payments must be done in person at the center, not only does this ensure that payments are made in a timely manner, it also allows for a monthly connection with parents and administration.

2.    Parent must approve the full amount of balance on card or pay according to the pricing listed below.


1 Year(s) 7 month(s)-2 Years (s) 6 Months



Full-time weekly

2 Year(s) 7 Month(s) - 3 Year(s) 11 Month(s)



Full-time weekly

4 Year(s) 0 Month(s) - 4 Year(s) 11 Month(s)



Part Time 4 Year(s) 0 Months-4 Year(s) 11 Month(s)



 Full-time weekly

5 Year(s) 0 Month(s) - 12 Year(s) 11 Month(s)



 Part Time School Age  5 Years-12Years



Part Time School Age with Transportation


3.    The difference between what is on the card on our pricing is the co-pay that is owed. Hearts and Minds reserves the right to change policy on co-pays or amounts at their discretion.

4.   Hours do not roll over month to month. You must use your hours or you will lose them.

5.   Payments are made in person the first working day of the month. Care in pre-paid.

6.    Your payments MUST REMAIN THE SAME MONTHLY! Exception:

a.     You go from Full Time to Part Time (Payment will go down)

b.    You go from Part Time to Full Time (Payment will go up)

7.    Refunds in any form will not be given for families that leave the center mid-month. Parents who move or discontinue care will not receive cash refunds for their pre-payment.

8.   If a child has not been in attendance, but Hearts and Minds has been holding their spot, full payment is due upon return, even for days they were not in attendance. The function of your tuition is to guarantee a spot upon their return. Unless Hearts and Minds’ receives written notice of termination of services, we will continue to hold your child’s space until they return. If we are not able to continue to provide services or decide to otherwise release their spot, administration will contact you and let you know.


Ms. Jess

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